The Laboratory for Animal Resources and Genetic Engineering consists of the following two units:

■ Animal Resource Unit
Hiroshi Kiyonari, Ph.D.; Unit Leader
The Animal Resource Unit maintains and cares for CDB’s laboratory mouse and rat resources in a specific pathogen free (SPF) environment, as well as handling the shipping and receiving of mutant mice both within the CDB and with other domestic and international institutions. In addition, the Unit provides support services for the IVF breeding of animals, including cleaning, colony development, and cryopreservation by vitrification. We also provide pregnant females, mouse embryos, and surrogates to support the CDB animal experimentation community, and develop technologies for the study of rodent reproductive biology.

■ Genetic Engineering Unit
Yasuhide Furuta, Ph.D.; Unit Leader
The Genetic Engineering Unit works with research labs within the CDB, as well as other labs in Japan and throughout the Asia-Pacific region to develop mutant mice useful to the study of development and regeneration. In these joint development projects, we receive sequence information for genes of interest from our collaborators, and perform all subsequent stages of the development from construction of the targeting vector to generation of chimeras, making about 100 new knockout mutants every year. We also develop transgenic mice for the CDB and Kansai biological research communities. In addition, we develop new bioimaging technologies to aid in the visualization of mutant mouse embryos at the tissue, cell and organelle level.

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