Comprehensive Genomic analysis team has terminated the contracted analysis service at the end of FY2018 to concentrate on life and medical sciences and development of technologies on the next generation sequencers.
GeNAS: Genome Network Analysis Support Facility has made efforts to apply and disseminate technologies of the next generation sequencers by providing sequence analysis services. Organization of GeNAS was closed in FY2017, but Comprehensive Genomic analysis team has taken over a part of the activities since FY2018. We have received more than two thousand analysis requests. As a result of harmonious efforts made by manufacturers, users, and sequence facilities the next generation sequencer has been in wide use as a useful analysis tool also in Japan. We recognized GeNAS has completed the mission when seeing the current genome analysis conditions. We are proud that we have supported many researchers' work for about ten years. We are so grateful to work with us and hope your research would be so fruitful in the future.
We are going to utilize the next generation sequencers as our core analysis technology for our researches and collaborative researches from now on. We would be pleased to have a chance of collaborative research with you.
 Thank you for being with us for such a long period.