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RIKEN’s Gene Analysis Technologies

RIKEN offers cutting-edge life science technologies.

Accessing RIKEN’s Technologies
GeNAS is a technical service which aims to disseminate the genome-wide analysis technologies developed by the Division of Genomic Technologies, RIKEN Center for Life Science Center(CLST) for the benefit of the research community, spanning industrial, governmental and academic institutions. Through advanced technologies using next-generation sequencers and bioinformatics, GeNAS provides comprehensive support for the research and development activities conducted by our customers.

Reliable Technologies

RIKEN’s Unique Technologies: Cap Analysis of Gene Expression (CAGE)

Cap Analysis of Gene Expression (CAGE) is a unique technique developed by RIKEN which can exhaustively elucidate transcription start sites by identifying the 5’ends of capped messenger RNA molecules. When combined with high-throughput next-generation sequence analysis technologies, it is possible not only to profile known promoters of expressed protein-coding DNA properly, but also to profile promoters that are thus far unknown.

Reliable Quality

On December 17, 2010, GeNAS became the first sequencing facility in Japan to acquire ISO-9001 certification and established a unique quality management system. GeNAS strives to maintain and improve the quality management system as part of its daily routine. Samples provided by customers are treated in accordance with our quality management system. GeNAS believes in providing an easy-to-use service, and is working to make each and every researcher satisfied.

Yasushi Okazaki,GeNAS Facility DirectorYasushi Okazaki
GeNAS Facility Director

Quality Policy

RIKEN Center for Life Science Center(CLST), Division of Genomic Technologies, Genome Network Analysis Support Facility (hereinafter referred to as GeNAS) offers its technical support service to researchers across industry, government and academia, and endeavors to contribute to the development of life sciences research in Japan. To improve the quality of this technical support service, an ISO 9001 Quality Management System has been established, maintained, and improved continuously.

  • We shall observe the requirements of the quality management system and react to these requirements in order to provide better quality service.
  • We shall continuously improve the effectiveness of the quality management system to guarantee satisfactory and trustworthy service for customers.
  • We shall fix quality objectives and revise them if necessary in order to continuously reform and revitalize the organization.
  • We shall periodically evaluate to which level we meet our quality objectives in order to ensure improvements.
    We shall ensure that relevant laws and regulations required for our services are observed.
  • This quality policy is to be well known to everyone in the organization thoroughly.