Points to Note

Points to Note about Our Technical Service

Regarding acceptance of samples

  • GeNAS cannot accept samples from genetically modified organisms. Please send the samples after proliferative capacity has been removed.
  • GeNAS cannot accept samples which are suspected of infection risk for humans.
  • GeNAS cannot accept samples which are labeled radioactive.
  • In the event that the sample is derived from a human, GeNAS can only accept it if we receive a document that proves the ethical review board of the customer’s institution has approved.
  • GeNAS cannot be responsible for issues arising during transportation.
  • After taking receipt of the sample, GeNAS conducts a quality check. Should the sample not meet the quality requirements outlined in our specifications, the customer may be required to provide another sample at their own expense. Also, should the customer wish to cancel contracted work which was outlined in the specifications subsequent to a quality check, the customer will be required to pay for all work conducted to that point.
  • After processing has been completed, if there is any of the sample provided by the customer remaining, GeNAS will dispose of it immediately.
  • Even if the analysis of a valuable sample is unsatisfactory, please be aware that GeNAS will not pay compensation for the loss of the sample to the customer.

Delivery of results

  • The OSC will deliver the results of the work to the customer by the date set out in the contract.
  • Should there be an unavoidable delay due to technical issues, etc., GeNAS will talk with the customer concerning postponing the deadline.
  • Our technical service is conducted purely for research purposes. All results obtained through our service shall only be used for research purposes and shall not be used for other purposes (including manufacture of pharmaceutical and food products, quality management, and medical treatment and diagnosis of humans and animals).
  • Please do not resell or transfer the results, or alter the results in order to resell or transfer them, or use the results as a commercial product without the approval of Omics Science Center.
  • GeNAS will not be responsible for any loss or damage arising from the results obtained from our contract analysis service.
  • The OSC does not store data which has been delivered to a customer. It is strongly recommended that once a customer receives delivery of their data, they immediately confirm the data and back it up. Should there be any missing or corrupted data, please report the matter at once to