Services Offered

Exhaustive transcriptome analysis using next-generation sequencers


  • Thorough and quantitative analysis of RNA in the cell.
  • Allows for detection of transcription products expressed at low levels because the RNA-Seq maintains a wide dynamic range of gene expression.
  • As a probe is unnecessary for RNA-Seq, it is possible to work with non-standard organisms for which there is little information about genome sequences and coding regions.
  • Gene structures such as alternative splicing and fusion transcripts are captured with high sensitivity.


Library Preparation and Sequencing

  • Library preparation using Illumina TruSeq RNA Sample Preparation Kit and sequencing using HiSeq 2500
    (direction of the transcript not detectable for strand specific RNA)
  • Directional RNA-Seq library preparation using protocol suitable for Illumina sequencers and sequencing using HiSeq 2500.

Bioinformatics Analysis

  • The sequence data obtained is mapped to a reference genome sequence.
  • Mapped sequences can be visualized together with such elements as known gene arrangements.
  • Compare mRNA expression levels between samples.

Example of display of analysis results generated by CLC Genomics Workbench

Through mapping the obtained sequence data to the genome, gene structures can be elucidated.

In the example in the figure on the left, differences in the connections between exons were found in three splice variants of the Ubc-E2H gene (shown by the box with the dashed border).

Detection of Antisense RNA Strands Using Directional RNA-Seq

Using directional RNA-Seq, it is possible to detect from which direction the strand of RNA in vivo is derived.

The figure on the left shows differences in expression levels of sense and antisense RNA strands in different cell conditions (shown by the purple and green peaks within the red box).

Delivered data

  • Sequencing data (Base sequence information in text format following base-calling and quality assessment data)
  • Genome mapping data (All sequence information is mapped to a reference genome)
  • Gene expression information
  • Quality Report (Results of quality check of sequence library and sequencing data)
  • Please contact us to discuss other result formats.