Mutant Mice Generated in CDB and CLST


Here is the list of transgenic (TG) mouse lines generated via DNA microinjection in LARGE in collaboration with investigators at CDB and a number of other academic institutions. These TG mouse lines are available to the scientific community. Please follow the "Detail" link for further information. To request the TG mouse line of your interest, please contact "mutant(at)".


CDB Acc. No.
Line Name
Corresponding Researcher
CDB0001T K1-1 Shinichi Aizawa Detail
CDB0002T S1-2 Shinichi Aizawa Detail
CDB0003T K44(K43-49) Shinichi Aizawa Detail
CDB0005T K27 Shinichi Aizawa Detail
CDB0022T K170 Shinichi Aizawa Detail
CDB0023T K177 Shinichi Aizawa Detail
CDB0024T K178 Shinichi Aizawa Detail
CDB0025T K179 Shinichi Aizawa Detail
CDB0027T K33 Shinichi Aizawa Detail
CDB0033T K43 Shinichi Aizawa Detail
CDB0034T 1.8Otx2-H2B-mCherry Shinichi Aizawa Detail
CDB0035T Cer1-H2BmCherry Shinichi Aizawa Detail
CDB0036T Lefty1-H2BmCherry Shinichi Aizawa Detail
CDB0037T 1.8Otx2-CreERTM Shinichi Aizawa Detail
CDB0038T Dkk1-CreERTM Shinichi Aizawa Detail
CDB0201T-1 pCAGGS-kik-1 Shinichi Aizawa Detail
CDB0201T-2 pCAGGS-kik-2 Shinichi Aizawa Detail
CDB0404T CAG-MerCreMer Shin-Ichi Nishikawa Detail
CDB0406T TBP-2 Junji Yodoi Detail
CDB0407T stella-EGFP Mitinori Saitou Detail
CDB0409T Dct Hes1 Shin-Ichi Nishikawa Detail
CDB0410T Dct Hes 1 dn Shin-Ichi Nishikawa Detail
CDB0415T-34 p21-p-luc Eiji Hara Detail
CDB0413T Blimp1-mEGFP Michinori Saitou Detail
CDB0416T-53 p16-luc Eiji Hara Detail
CDB0419T-2 CAG-CAT-PGrn Shin-ichi Osada Detail
CDB0425T misCreERTM Shin-ichi Abe Detail
CDB0437T PLCD1 Kiyoko Fukami Detail
CDB0446T aP2-Fcor Masato Kasuga Detail
CDB0447T HB-EGFm Masato Kasuga Detail
CDB0449T I7(RDY)-ires-Nrp1-ires-gap-ECFP:IANC Hitoshi Sakano Detail
CDB0450T aP2/Δ256Foxo1 Masato Kasuga Detail
CDB0452T Ednrb-KikGR Hideki Enomoto Detail
CDB0453T pCAG-mito-Venus #25 Anthony C.F. Perry Detail
CDB0454T pCAG-Plcz-IRES-Venus CS44 Anthony C.F. Perry Detail
CDB0455T pCAG-Plcs-ct-Venus CV11 Anthony C.F. Perry Detail
CDB0456T pCAG-Plcz-IRES-Venus CS42 Anthony C.F. Perry Detail
CDB0457T pCAG-Plcz-IRES-Venus CS45 Anthony C.F. Perry Detail
CDB0458T pCAG-mito-Venus #19 Anthony C.F. Perry Detail
CDB0460T Prdm1(Blimp1)-mVenus Mitinori Saitou Detail
CDB0461T Prdm14-mVenus Mitinori Saitou Detail
CDB0462T stella-Venus Mitinori Saitou Detail
CDB0463T nanos3-EGFP Mitinori Saitou Detail
CDB0464T Prdm1(Blimp1)-mKikGR Mitinori Saitou Detail
CDB0465T stella-ECFP Mitinori Saitou Detail
CDB0467T Kd-B6 Ryotaro Yoshida


CDB0468T Dd-B6 Ryotaro Yoshida Detail


pCAGGS-Kif14 Toshiaki Sakisaka Detail
CDB0479T CaMKUa-E4BP4 Kamon Sanada Detail
CDB0480T aP2-hGpr43/Ffar2 Ikuo Kimura Detail
CDB0481T Aid-cre cd2 Tasuku Honjo Detail
CDB0482T dCEBP-ac-cre Tasuku Honjo Detail
CDB0483T dR4-ac-cre Tasuku Honjo Detail
CDB0484T dR2-ac-cre Tasuku Honjo Detail
CDB0485T γ2pepV Tomoo Hirano Detail
CDB0486T mVenus-p27K Toshio Kitamura Detail
CDB0489T #123-Fez-lgVpA <Goofy-Fezf1-IgVpA> Masahiko Hibi Detail
CDB0490T Neurog2-d4Venus Takaki Miyata Detail
CDB0491T Gadd45g-d4venus Takaki Miyata Detail
CDB0503T Gpnmb Jun Wada Detail
CDB0516T inducible LTCC β2a subunit S478/479-T498A mutant Hiroyuki Nakayama Detail
CDB0551T Hes7-Cre Ryuichiro Kageyama Detail
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