Mutant Mice Generated in CDB and CLST


Here is the list of knock-out (KO) and knock-in (KI) mouse lines generated by gene targeting in ES cells at LARGE as collaborations with investigators at CDB and a number of other academic institutions. These KO/KI mutant mouse lines are available to the scientific community. Please follow the "Detail" link for further information. To request the mutant mouse line of your interest, please contact "mutant(at)".


CDB Acc. No.
Mutation Type
Corresponding Researcher
CDB0001K p53 KO Shinichi Aizawa Detail
CDB0002K tenascin lacZ KI Shinichi Aizawa Detail
CDB0003K fyn lacZ KI Shinichi Aizawa Detail
CDB0004K Csk KO Shinichi Aizawa Detail
CDB0005K mos KO Shinichi Aizawa Detail
CDB0006K Fak KO Shinichi Aizawa Detail
CDB0007K Pat12 a gene trap clone Shinichi Aizawa Detail
CDB0008K Srm KO Shinichi Aizawa Detail
CDB0009K fyn Csk KI Shinichi Aizawa Detail
CDB0010K Otx2 KO Shinichi Aizawa Detail
CDB0011K Otx2 lacZ KI Shinichi Aizawa Detail
CDB0012K Otx2 conditional Otx2frt Neo-d1lox Shinichi Aizawa Detail
CDB0013K Otx2 conditional KO flox Shinichi Aizawa Detail
CDB0014K Otx2 conditional Δpro-x1 Shinichi Aizawa Detail
CDK0015K Otx2 Otx1 KI Shinichi Aizawa Detail
CDB0016K Otx2 Emx2 KI Shinichi Aizawa Detail
CDB0017K Otx1 KO Shinichi Aizawa Detail
CDB0018K Emx2 KO Shinichi Aizawa Detail
CDB0019K Emx2 lacZ KI Shinichi Aizawa Detail
CDB0020K Emx2 Cre KI Shinichi Aizawa Detail
CDB0021K Emx1 KO Shinichi Aizawa Detail
CDB0022K CHK/HYL KO Shinichi Aizawa Detail
CDB0023K Tead2/Tef4/ETF KO Shinichi Aizawa Detail
CDB0024K ang KI Shinichi Aizawa Detail
CDB0025K cfm KO Shinichi Aizawa Detail
CDB0026K Dmbx1 lacZ KI Shinichi Aizawa Detail
CDB0027K Opr KO Shinichi Aizawa Detail
CDB0029K Omphk1 lacZ KI Shinichi Aizawa Detail
CDB0030K Dkk1 Venus KI Shinichi Aizawa Detail
CDB0032K Epb4.1-like5 lacZ Ki Shinichi Aizawa Detail
CDB0044K mShisa lacZ KI Shinichi Aizawa Detail
CDB0045K mShisa3 lacZ KI Shinichi Aizawa Detail
CDB0046K mShisa4 lacZ KI Shinichi Aizawa Detail
CDB0047K mShisa5 lacZ KI Shinichi Aizawa Detail
CDB0048K WISE AFP(GFP) KI Nobue Itasaki Detail
CDB0049K Otx2(DAN) KO Shinichi Aizawa Detail
CDB0050K Otx2(DFM1) KO Shinichi Aizawa Detail
CDB0051K Otx2(DFM2) KO Shinichi Aizawa Detail
CDB0055K Zic3 Venus KI Shinichi Aizawa Detail
CDB0064K Otx2(DFM1DFM2) KO Shinichi Aizawa Detail
CDB0071K microRNA9-3 KO Shinichi Aizawa Detail
CDB0072K microRNA9-2 KO Shinichi Aizawa Detail
CDB0075K Sfrp1 lacZ KI Akihiko Shimono Detail
CDB0076K Sfrp2 KO Akihiko Shimono Detail
CDB0077K Sfrp5 KO Akihiko Shimono Detail
CDB0078K Sfrp5 YFP KI Akihiko Shimono Detail
CDB0089K AmotKO   Akihiko Shimono Detail
CDB0092K Dkk1(H2B-mCherry) H2BmCherry KI Shinichi Aizawa Detail
CDB0098K Hhex(CreERTM) CreERTM KI Shinichi Aizawa Detail
CDB0103K DKK1(d2EGFP) degEGFP KI Shinichi Aizawa Detail
CDB0201K FAH KO Shinichi Aizawa Detail
CDB0401K KCP(CR2X) taulacZ KI Yoshiki Sasai Detail
CDB0402K Cv2(CR5) taulacZ KI Yoshiki Sasai Detail
CDB0403K ARID3B(DRI2) lacZ-neo KI Shin-Ichi Nishikawa Detail
CDB0404K Tead2 lacZ KI Hiroshi Sasaki Detail
CDB0409K Tead4 lacZ KI Hiroshi Sasaki Detail
CDB0410K Tead1 lacZ KI Hiroshi Sasaki Detail
CDB0411K mONT3 lacZ KI Yoshiki Sasai Detail
CDB0412K ARID3B(DRI2) lacZ KI Shin-Ichi Nishikawa Detail
CDB0413K JamB IRES lacZ KI Akihiko Okuda Detail
CDB0414K mGIT2 KO Hisataka Sabe Detail
CDB0419K mDia2 conditional KO Shuh Narumiya Detail
CDB0420K Tamalin KO Shigetada Nakanishi Detail
CDB0422K Septin3 KO Mineko Kengaku Detail
CDB0426K mDia3 conditional KO Shuh Narumiya Detail
CDB0427K SMAP1 KO Masanobu Satake Detail
CDB0428K pp2C-epsilon lacZ KI Takayasu Kobayashi Detail
CDB0430K Slingshot3 lacZ KI Tadashi Uemura Detail
CDB0431K mpk1(mpk15) lacZ KI Naoto Ueno Detail
CDB0433K Borealin:N196 lacZ KI Tatsutoshi Nakahata Detail
CDB0434K Vlk Venus/Neo KI Shin-Ichi Nishikawa Detail
CDB0435K mpk2 KO Naoto Ueno Detail
CDB0437K mDia1 conditional KO Shuh Narumiya Detail
CDB0438K RGC Fantom 1 loxP KI Shinichi Nakagawa Detail
CDB0439K RGC Fantom 2 loxP KI Shinichi Nakagawa Detail
CDB0440K Kif26b   Ryuichi Nishinakamura Detail
CDB0442K TRB2 lacZ KI Ryuichi Nishinakamura Detail
CDB0444K Fgf-bp3 lacZ Tatsutoshi Nakahata Detail
CDB0445K TMX KO Junji Yodoi Detail
CDB0451K Cv2(CR5) nlacZ KI Yoshiki Sasai Detail
CDB0452K LGN loxP, Venus KI Fumio Mastuzaki Detail
CDB0454K Mdga1(-) KO Tohru Yamamoto Detail
CDB0455K Ripply2 lacZ KI Makoto Asashima Detali
CDB0457K PKN3 KO Hideyuki Mukai Detail
CDB0463K PLCeta lacZ KI Kiyoko Fukami Detail
CDB0465K TTYH1 KO Tatsutoshi Nakahata Detail
CDB0466K nrd1 lacZ KI Eiichiro Nishi Detail
CDB0467K R-spondin2 lacZ KI Hitoshi Okamoto Detail
CDB0471K Chemerin lacZ KI Yutaka Takahashi Detail
CDB0474K Dullard lacZ KI Ryuichi Nishinakamura Detail
CDB0475K lsx(Pix1) lacZ KI Susumu Seino Detail
CDB0476K hrs conditional KO Kazuo Sugamura Detail
CDB0479K Arie GFP KI Mitsuru Matsumoto Detail
CDB0480K GPRC5B lacZ KI Yoshio Hirabayashi Detail
CDB0481K S gene lacZ KI Mitsuru Matsumoto Detail
CDB0482K Prox1 floxed Prox1 cDNA-KI, EGFP Fumio Matsuzaki Detail
CDB0483K RhoH KO Mutsunori Shirai Detail
CDB0484K Draxin lacZ KI

Yohei Shinmyo

CDB0485K GPRC5C lacZ KI Yoshio Hirabayashi Detail
CDB0488K RECK   Makoto Noda Detail
CDB0491K cdh8 tauLacZ/flox neo Masatoshi Takeichi Detail
CDB0492K cryptochrome2 KI Yoshitaka Fukada Detail
CDB0494K cdh6 KO Masatoshi Takeichi Detail
CDB0495K cdh11 KO Masatoshi Takeichi Detail
CDB0496K ctnna2 EGFP KI Masatoshi Takeichi Detail
CDB0497K Fezf1 KO Masahiko Hibi Detail
CDB0498K Fezf2 lacZ KI Masahiko Hibi Detali
CDB0500K Dnmt1   Masaki Okano Detail
CDB0502K Cthrc1 lacZ KI Hiroshi Sasaki Detail
CDB0518K Ret-CreERT2 CreERT2 KI Hideki Enomoto Detail
CDB0524K Runx1 Mer-Cre-Mer Igor M Samokhvalov Detail
CDB0525K Sox1 Cre KI Shin-Ichi Nishikawa Detail
CDB0531K LTbR lacZ KI Mitsuru Matsumoto Detail
CDB0535K NIPSNAP1 KO Emiko Ashitaka Detail
CDB0537K Pkdcc(AW548124) KO Hiroshi Sasaki Detail
CDB0539K LMIR5   Toshio Kitamura Detail
CDB0542K Epac1 KO Yoshihiro Ishikawa Detail
CDB0545K MOR215-1(swap)   Hitoshi Sakano Detail
CDB0546K MOR215-1(tagging)   Hitoshi Sakano Detail
CDB0547K TSK(lacZ) lacZ KI Kunimasa Ohta Detail
CDB0552K PLCd1 conditional KO Kiyoko Fukami Detail
CDB0553K Glis3(PC) KO Yuko Wakamatsu Detail
CDB0555K NUAK1 conditional KO Hiroyasu Esumi Detail
CDB0557K Sirh11 conditional KO Tomoko Ishino Detail
CDB0558K Cbx3 conditional KO Yukiko Gotoh Detail
CDB0564K Dullard conditional KO Ryuichi Nishinakamura Detail
CDB0570K Epac2 KO Yoshihiro Ishikawa Detail
CDB0575K Hormad1 KO Hiroki Kurahashi Detail
CDB0576K Hormad2 KO Hiroki Kurahashi Detail
CDB0579K Noto nmCherry-CreERT2 KI Hiroshi Sasaki Detail
CDB0582K CLPABP conditional KO Hisaaki Taniguchi Detail
CDB0583K DISC1 KO Kozo Kaibuchi Detail
CDB0585K CEB1/HERC5 KO Kunitada Shimotohno Detail
CDB0587K Sfrp4 lacZ-neo KI Sohei Kitazawa Detail
CDB0589K APBA3(loxP) conditional KO Motoharu Seiki Detail
CDB0590K GTRAP3-18 KO Toshio Nakaki Detail
CDB0599K Crtac1 KO Kohtaro Takei Detail
CDB0601K Foxa2(Foxa2-2A-nuc-EGFP-2A-CreER) KI Hiroshi Sasaki Detail
CDB0602K Arid5a KO Riko Nishimura Detail
CDB0603K Tdrd5 KO Mitinori Saitou Detail
CDB0604K Brachyury(Brachyury2A-nuc-EGFP-2A-CreER) KI Hiroshi Sasaki Detail
CDB0605K USP10(loxP) conditional KO Masahiro Fujii Detail
CDB0606K DGKη KO Fumio Sakane Detail
CDB0608K PCDH17(lacZ) lacZ KI Tadashi Yamamoto Detail
CDB0612K P13 lacZ KI Masato Kasuga Detail
CDB0623K Prominin1 floxed-lacZ-DTA Toru Kondo Detail
CDB0625K Slc30a8   Hirotaka Watada Detail
CDB0627K Angpt1 conditional KO Yoshikazu Nakaoka Detail
CDB0628K C85492(-) KO Koichi Kato Detail
CDB0631K IL-33 EGFP-KI Hirohisa Saito Detail
CDB0637K Dpysl3   Yoshio Goshima Detail
CDB0642K Dpysl2 KO Yoshio Goshima Detail
CDB0653K LPCAT3(loxP) conditional KO Takao Shimizu Detail
CDB0660K DGKdelta-loxP conditional KO flox Fumio Sakane Detail
CDB0672K Gpr176 tau-lacZ KI Hitoshi Okamura Detail
CDB0674K PDGFRa-MerCreMer MerCreMer KI Shin-Ichi Nishikawa Detail
CDB0678K DISC1 KO Kozo Kaibuchi Detail
CDB0683K PICALM KO Toshio Watanabe Detail
CDB0693K Sp7 conditional KO Riko Nishimura Detail
CDB0705K Spns2 conditional KO Naoki mochizuki Detail
CDB0713K Tshb KO Hiroki Ueda Detail
CDB0716K CAMSAP3 conditional KO Masatoshi Takeichi Detail
CDB0740K MDGA2 lacZ KI Fumio Matsuzaki Detail
CDB0743K Nrg1(loxP) conditional KO Shin-ichi Abe Detail
CDB0758K aquaporin4 EGFP KI Masato Yasui Detail
CDB0767K Vps52 conditional KO Kuniya Abe Detail
CDB0773K NEAT1 lacZ KI Shinichi Nakagawa Detail
CDB0774K Scn4b KO Nobuyuki Nukina Datail
CDB0799K Top1 conditional KO Tasuku Honjo Detail
CDB0800K Kif26b conditional KO Ryuichi Nishinakamura Detail
CDB0818K claudin-1 conditional KO Sachiko Tsukita Detail
CDB0830K Npr1 conditional KO Kenji Kangawa Detail
CDB0831K Agtr1a KO Takeshi Tokudome Detail
CDB0832K Runx2(loxP) conditional KO Yukio Yoneda Detail
CDB0833K ifrd1 conditional KO Yukio Yoneda Detail
CDB0837K NEAT2 lacZ KI Shinichi Nakagawa Detail
CDB0838K Pcdh17 lacZ KI Masatoshi Takeichi Detail
CDB0850K Ppp6c conditional KO Hiroshi Shima Detail
CDB0853K Prmt1 conditional KO Junichiro Mizuguchi Detail
CDB0862K MUK(DLK) IRES lacZ KI Shu-ichi Hirai Detail
CDB0877K GATA1IRESMCM IRES Mer-Cre-Mer KI Yosuke Tanaka Detail
CDB0910K ROSA26 CAG-floxSTOP-Etv2-frtGFP Hiroshi Kataoka Detail
CDB0913K Gm129 Conditional KO Toru Takumi Detail
CDB0923K Prdm1(EGFP) GFP KI Mitinori Saitou Detail
CDB0938K Lats1 KO Norikazu Yabuta Detail
CDB0956K Faf2 UBXD8(loxP), conditional KO Toyoshi Fujimoto Detail
CDB0977K LPAR6 conditional KO Satoshi Ishii Detail
CDB0983K Rad21L(-) KO Yoshinori Watanabe Detail
CDB0985K Prdm14   Mitinori Saitou Detail
CDB1019K Nrd1(loxP) conditional KO Eiichiro Nishi Detail
CDB1079K Kif14 KO Toshiaki Sakisaka Detail
CDB1091K CAPS1 point mutation Yukio Kawahara Detail
CDB1107K Mir335(-) KO Atsuko Sehara Detail
CDB1170K αKlotho conditional KO Kazushige Sakaguchi Detail
CDB1185K miR-199a-2 KO Kinichi Nakashima Detail
CDB1190K Fgfr4 conditional KO Kazushige Sakaguchi Detail
CDB1218K HAUS6(loxP) conditional KO Gohta Goshima Detail
CDB1237K 1110012J17Rik conditional KO Atsushi Suzuki Detail
CDB1255K beta5t(G49S-pA) lacZ KI Yousuke Takahama Detail
CDB1355K HAUS6 KO Gohta Goshima Detail
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