Reporter Mice Generated in CDB and CLST



LARGE has recently developed a number of fluorescent reporter mouse lines useful for live imaging of embryos and tissues to aid better understanding of dynamic developmental processes. The following list of reporter mice are available to the scientific community. Please contact "mutant(at)" to request the reporter mouse line of your interest.


line name
CDB Acc. No.
nucleus R26R-H2B-EGFP CDB0203K Detail
R26-H2B-EGFP CDB0238K Detail
R26R-H2B-mCherry CDB0204K Detail
R26-H2B-mCherry CDB0239K Detail
R26R-H2B-mKeima-Red CDB0205K Detail
R26-H2B-mKeima-Red CDB0240K Detail
membrane R26R-Display-Kikume Green Red CDB0207K Detail
R26-Display-Kikume Green Red CDB0242K Detail
R26R-Display-Venus CDB0208K Detail
R26-Display-Venus CDB0243K Detail
R26R-Display-mCherry CDB0209K Detail
R26-Display-mCherry CDB0244K Detail
R26R-Lyn-Venus CDB0219K Detail
R26-Lyn-Venus CDB0254K Detail
nucleus & membrane R26R-RG CDB0227K Detail
R26-RG CDB0237K Detail
Golgi R26R-Golgi-EGFP CDB0211K Detail
R26-Golgi-EGFP CDB0246K Detail
R26R-Golgi-mCherry CDB0212K Detail
R26-Golgi-mCherry CDB0247K Detail
mitochondria R26R-Mito-EGFP CDB0216K Detail
R26-Mito-EGFP CDB0251K Detail
cytosol CAG-KikGR-1 CDB0201T-1 Detail
CAG-KikGR-2 CDB0201T-2 Detail
microtubule R26R-EGFP-Tuba CDB0210K Detail
R26-EGFP-Tuba CDB0245K Detail
R26R-EB1-EGFP CDB0213K Detail
R26-EB1-EGFP CDB0248K Detail
R26R-hEMTB-EGFP CDB0214K Detail
R26-hEMTB-EGFP CDB0249K Detail
actin R26R-Venus-Moesin CDB0217K Detail
R26-Venus-Moesin CDB0252K Detail
R26R-Venus-Actin CDB0218K Detail
R26-Venus-Actin CDB0253K Detail
focal contact R26R-EGFP-Paxillin CDB0221K Detail
R26-EGFP-Paxillin CDB0256K Detail
tight junction R26R-ZO1-EGFP CDB0225K Detail
R26-ZO1-EGFP CDB0260K Detail
cell cycle indicator
Fucci2 (G1) R26R-mCherry-hCdt1(30/120) CDB0229K Detail
R26-mCherry-hCdt1(30/120) CDB0264K Detail
Fucci2 (S/G2/M R26R-mVenus-hGem(1/110) CDB0230K Detail
R26-mVenus-hGem(1/110) CDB0265K Detail
Fucci2 (G1 & S/G2/M) R26p-Fucci2 CDB0203T Detail
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